WP#04 Twentythree Bankers by Jochen Manz

ISBN none
November 2009
edition 250 pieces
size 14,5 x 20cm
weight 0 gramm
0 pages
39.00 EUR

Jochen Manz Twentythree Bankers — there are by far more books homaging Ed Ruscha’s famous artist books than Mr. Ruscha did himself. His little books became milestones in the history of photography AND the history of photo book. No almanach where they are not mentioned. The reason we could not resist to give one more example, producing “twenty-three bankers” with the photography of Jochen Manz is portrait. All of Ruscha’s books receive their cool habitus by the complete absence of people. Our book has nothing to show but twenty-three portraits of people closing their eyes. Taken shortly before the so called financial crisis, within a campaign to portrait leading management of an international banking company, these prints actually were cutouts. Being “remixed” in this context you may ask yourself: “Hey what is it all about?” It’s a bit a joke and a bit provocation. The artistic approach though, is that they are beautiful portraits after all (and before). All our appreciation and thanks to the twenty-three people shown in the book for their support to make it happen!

Helge Schlaghecke, White Press

23 Bankers blink
23 Bankers blink
is released in November 2009
There is no ISBN due to quantity
The edition is limited to 250 copies
SC, 23 white pages, 23 plates, 14,5 x 20cm
Dedicated to Ed Ruscha and the so called
“Financial Crisis” of 2008/2009. and a blink.

The Price is 39,00€