WP#02 CU Tokyo by Verena Loewenhaupt

ISBN none
April 2009
edition 250 pieces
size 21 x 27,5cm
weight 0 gramm
0 pages
80.00 EUR

Verena Loewenhaupt little square is a special among specials. Only personal links give access to the dimension of this book which cannot be derived from the physical size of a pink 4by4 . Verena and I were friends before we did the book. I do have a close connection to Japan myself. Somehow the story displays the Yin and Yang of photography and life: shadow and light, positive and negative, winter and spring, loneliness and togetherness, pain and pride. Thank you Christoph for “inventing” a text style that is half documentary and half poetry. And good luck Verena!

Helge Schlagheke, White Press

CU_Tokyo text booklet
CU_Tokyo text booklet
“CU — Tokyo”
is released in April 2009
There is no ISBN due to quantity
The edition is limited to 250 signed copies
Pink silk HC, 70 pages, 12 transparencies,
seperate text sheet, 21 x 27,5cm

The Price is 79,00€
There are a few speceds with unique print left!