WP#01 A New History Of Photography by Ken Schles

ISBN none
May 2008
edition 350 pieces
size 21 x 27,5cm
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198.00 EUR

Ken Schles — a photographer challanging himself. The most important fact about the “history” book is that it shows a perfectly designed “no design”. We refer to classical icons of binding and printing such as hand sewing with a bookbinders needle and leather glove, handmade spines, blind embossed title, half-linen achromatic hardcover, age-relating yellowish patina of the dustcover, wooden-fibre text pages, semi-structural serifs on the ends of some of the strokes of type that make up letters and symbols. Thank you Ken for getting it all started and thank you for a brilliant text as well!

Helge Schlaghecke, White Press

In the first fifty pages of A New History of Photography, Schles writes at length an exhaustive look at all aspects of influence and provides a mind-bendingly complex (and well footnoted) understanding of his medium and practice. Smart and beautifully written, Schles seems to be channelling the great writers on the medium…
5b4, Jeff Ladd, New York
There is a certain magic in this book as well as a certain gutsiness
Bill Kouwenhoven, HOTSHOE, London
© Daniel Giessen
Presentation of “A New History Of Photography” by Ken Schles, IPK, Köln, Sep. 2008
“A New History of Photography —
The World Outside and the Pictures In Our Heads”
The book release was September 2008.
There is no ISBN due to limited outlet
Edition limited to 350 signed & numbered copies.
Half linen HC, 173 pages, 107 plates, 21 x 27,5cm
Price is 198,00€