1. Domain/Scope

1.1 White-Press offers you comprehensive newsletters and information specials (hereinafter referred to as “services”). By registering, participants acquire the latest information about the current offerings on www.white-press.com. These information services are made available free of charge. White Press is entitled to adjust, develop, or maintain its output at its own sole discretion.

1.2 White-Press also offers books and other products for purchase on www.White-Press.com.

2. Registration

2.1 Access to the White-Press newsletter and information updates requires registration. Members must be 18 years of age and be of full legal capacity.

2.2 You are required to fill in the information requested by White-Press upon registration accurately and completely.

2.3 White-Press is entitled to block the access of a member upon knowledge of possible misuse of the offered services. No user may claim a legal right to the access of these services. White-Press may refuse the registration of a participant without prior notice.

2.4 After registering for the White-Press newsletter you will receive regular information updates and offers about our products and services via e-mail.

3. Contents
The text, data, comments and other information White-Press website and digital output has been researched with the utmost care. White-Press cannot, however, assume liability for the accuracy of these contents.

4. Personal use and right of use

It is forbidden to use any contents from White-Press services for personal use. The copyrights of all photographs shown belong to the photographers or publishers.

5. Limitation of Liability

5.1 Claims for damages against White-Press are not possible, irrespective of the legal basis, unless White-Press has acted intentionally. Liability is limited to foreseeable damage.

5.2 If the liability of White-Press is ruled out, the exclusion also applies to the personal liability of White-Press’s employees, representatives and agents.

6. Cancellation
You are entitled to terminate or cancel this agreement and your newsletter subscription. The right to terminate without previous notice is reserved to White-Press.

7. Delivery

7.1 Subject to our delivery terms.

7.2 Only while supplies last.

8. Applicable Law

For all legal relations, the law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies. The court of jurisdiction is Berlin.

We deliver within Germany with Deutsche Post AG.

Shipping and handling charges:
For each shipment an individual shipping cost is calculated but limited to the following maximum charges:
Germany: € 3.95
Europe: €20.00–30.00
Rest of the world: €35.00-40.00

• For new customers in Germany, shipping is only completed upon advance payment
• Shipping Europe and world only completed upon advance payment

Our offerings are subject to change. Price changes are reserved to the individual publishers. For certain titles, a longer delivery time is required. You can order without risk and are always given the right to recall. Books up to €40 in value can be returned by post. Please include sufficient postage.

All our prices include 7% or 19% VAT.