Affiliate program

Earn 5% of every money spent by marketers
within five years of your introduction.
Our promise to you: We will fight for every client to make
the relationship lasting, all while you are earning money.
Become a partner
How does it work?
Step 1 An affiliate link is available after you log in to the WhitePress platform.
Step 2 If a new client shows up on our platform using this link, and then registers within 30 days, you will receive affiliate fees for that client for the next 5 years.
Step 3 When this client purchases article placements, you will receive 5% of their spending.
Step 4 Within 1 business day of receiving an article placement order, you will receive your affiliate fee.
Is 5% of article placement a lot?
Yes, because most of our clients
spend thousands each month!
Any questions? Just ask:
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