WP#18 SYSTEM Japanese culture by Jens Liebchen © 2014 . All rights reserved.

WP#18 SYSTEM by Jens Liebchen

39.00 EUR
edition of 500 signed and numbered pieces

The tradition of tree shaping has come to assume an emblematic role in Japanese culture. Trees and shrubs in Japanese gardens are often drastically modified. Sculptors both control the location of the trees and manipulate the growth of trunks, branches, … Continue reading »

© 2014 . All rights reserved.


49.00 EUR
edition of 250 signed and numbered pieces

“For most people, Hiroshima brings to mind the tragic events of August 1945. What they don’t usually know is that Hiroshima is the hometown of Mazda. Both company and place are inextricably linked not only in history, but in spirit. … Continue reading »

© 2014 . All rights reserved.

WP#16 SURF FICTION by Werner Amann

45.00 EUR
edition of 300 signed and numbered pieces

 “SURF FICTION is a bravely photographed and fiercely original visual essay, equally forthright and understated in effect, that codes and decodes styles and techniques and compounds them into a condensed statement.” (Markus Frehrking)   SURF FICTION is Werner Amann’s unpublished work from … Continue reading »

© 2013 . All rights reserved.

WP#14 N.A CATALOG by Doug Rickard

“Doing a second book is harder than the first and Doug has done it. Different from “A New American Picture” but related — more obviously edgy yet more lyrical. I am hearing Ornette Coleman in there…” Gerry Badger For the … Continue reading »

© 2013 . All rights reserved.

WP#13 HORSE & CACTUS by Koji Onaka

“I thought I would go to Mexico. Why, I did not know. It was useless to think about that. I do not know Spanish at all. But, it will be ok.” O.K. (Onaka Koji)

© 2010 . All rights reserved.

WP#07 GMT+ by Rainer Junghanns

Rainer Junghanns GMT + is the heavyweight champion among the WHITE PRESS books. Each box is handmade by craftsman, containing the book, handmade by Sarah Stahl, containing an artist-signed C-print of the “last picture” and a hand-bound colophon-text by xxx. … Continue reading »

Beyond Borders Classic (1st Edition) © 2009 . All rights reserved.

WP#06 Beyond Borders by Frederic Lezmi

Frederic Lezmi “Beyond Borders” takes us on a trip from Vienna to Beirut, searching for the border between Europe and the Orient. Going beyond the borders of traditional book making it has been designed as a 11-meter accordion fold-out, hand-folded … Continue reading »

The Camera Of The Future by Steven Sasson © 2009 . All rights reserved.

WP#05 The Camera Of The Future by Steven Sasson

Steven Sasson — thank you and thank you “Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Photographie”(DGPh) for realizing the unique “The Camera Of The Future”. Honoring Stephen  J. Sasson, Rochester, USA, 2008 with… for inventing the first digital camera gave birth to this book. … Continue reading »

23 Bankers by Jochen Manz © 2009 . All rights reserved.

WP#04 Twentythree Bankers by Jochen Manz

Jochen Manz Twentythree Bankers — there are by far more books homaging Ed Ruscha’s famous artist books than Mr. Ruscha did himself. His little books became milestones in the history of photography AND the history of photo book. No almanach … Continue reading »

Galaxie by Olivier Cablat © 2009 . All rights reserved.

WP#03 Galaxie by Olivier Cablat

New copies of this favourite artist-book available now! The book Galaxie reunites two series, two strata belonging to two different ways of producing images with technology, one analog and the other digital. The photographs of the nightclubs are the result … Continue reading »