SEO Vibes DubAI with Charles Floate

The first and only AI-focused SEO conference
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February 22nd - 24th, 2024

FIVE Palm Jumeirah, the hottest hotel in Dubai

7 World-Class AI SEO Experts

Connect with top industry fellows and delve into captivating discussions


VIP Package

USD 1899 net
  • participation in 3-days event
  • luxurious networking yacht party
  • snacks and drinks during the see cruise in Arabian Gulf
  • 7 world-class experts’ presentations on AI in SEO
  • MasterMind session by the round tables
  • buffet and refreshments during both conference days
  • Saturday evening afterparty at Bohemia Beach Club


Day 1 February 22nd

Yacht Party Extravaganza

As the sun sets over the Arabian Gulf, we'll take to the waters on a luxury yacht for an unforgettable evening. Connect with industry leaders, discuss ideas, and revel in the enchanting views of the Dubai coastline.

Day 2 February 23rd

Master Mind Part 1 - Lectures

7 World-Class AI SEO Experts will lead you through the intricacies of artificial intelligence in search engine optimization. Gain insights that will set you apart in the digital landscape.

Day 3 February 24th

Master Mind Part 2 -  Round Table Workshops & Afterparty

Connect with top industry fellows and delve into captivating discussions on the most creative challenges in the SEO industry that we can solve with AI-crafted solutions.

Finish the day and the SEO Vibes DubAI Conference with an unforgettable afterparty at Bohemia - Dubai's NO 1 beach extravaganza. 


SEO Vibes DubAI exquisite locations

Join us for a remarkable start to our SEO Vibes DubAI Conference, sailing on a luxury yacht along the Dubai Creek. Against the stunning backdrop of Dubai's coastline, connect with industry leaders and discuss your ideas. Enjoy signature drinks, and the beats of our onboard DJ – all included in this extraordinary evening.

For the main conference days we invite you to FIVE Palm Jumeirah, the hottest hotel in Dubai. As you enter the FIVE you are greeted by an aura of sophistication that permeates every corner. The venue exudes luxury, setting the perfect tone for a conference that promises to redefine the landscape of SEO. The conference room offers a strategic vantage point with breathtaking views of the Dubai Marine. 

The excitement does not end with the conference sessions. Join us for an unforgettable afterparty at Bohemia - Dubai's NO 1 beach extravaganza, located right within the confines of the hotel. This exclusive club promises an evening of celebration and networking in an ambiance that reflects Dubai’s vibrant nightlife. Snacks and drinks included! 

SEO Vibes DubAI
SEO Vibes DubAI
SEO Vibes DubAI
SEO Vibes DubAI
SEO Vibes DubAI
SEO Vibes DubAI
SEO Vibes DubAI
SEO Vibes DubAI
SEO Vibes DubAI
SEO Vibes Budapest


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