What advantages come from using
Backlink Manager?

Everything in one place
If you're using different link building tools, we'll simplify your work significantly. Import links from various sources and manage them all in one place.
Define sources and add notes
Add notes and define your own sources of links. All of this will help you better understand the context and purpose of each link in your strategy.
Indexing verification
Forget about manually checking if your publications have been indexed. WhitePress® goes one step further: we give you the ability to submit publications with links acquired from other sources for indexing.

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Quick access to information

In SEO and in life, time is of the essence. With Backlink Manager, you get instant access to the status of all your publications and indexing, allowing you to adjust your SEO strategy on the fly.

Monitoring and optimizing budget

Financial control in link building activities is not only a necessity but also a key to success. With Backlink Manager, budget management becomes easier, and assessing the profitability of actions taken becomes more precise.