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SEO Vibes on Tour

We invite you to the second edition of SEO Vibes on Tour 2024! Take part in our around the world trip to bring up the vibes and to meet your local SEO community. Choose your preferred location and take your SEO journey off!

At each of the SEO Vibes on Tour events you get to meetengage and explore with fellow industry professionals. Learn from some of the best specialists in the field, share tips and tricks with people from your local market and/or international speakers. 

SEO Vibes on Tour is:

  • local perspective on global trends in the industry

  • unique networking opportunities

  • events crafted according to local needs and preferences: Turkish breakfast or Romanian afternoon meetup - we do it as you like it!

  • casual format  for professional content 

  • condense pack of knowledge

SEO Vibes on Tour 2024

SEO Vibes on Tour locations

SEO Vibes on Tour is a series of events crafted to the local SEO community needs. Check the wide range of not only European locations on our list and choose those closest to you. Multiple locations, customized formats all focused on growth of local SEO markets. For more details click on the selected event.
Göteborg, 14.03.2024 - Convendum

Kungsportsavenyen 21, 411 36 Göteborg

Situated at a prime location in Gothenburg, Convendum's conference venue at Kungsgatan provides a strategic setting for events like the SEO Vibes on Tour. The venue boasts contemporary and comfortable interiors, offering participants an inviting space to immerse themselves in the SEO Vibes on Tour experience.

Picture a seamless blend of business insights and casual networking against the backdrop of beautiful and modern surroundings.

Ulrika Viberg
CEO and Senior SEO at Unikorn
Johan Björtin
Head of Data Insights at SQLI Nordics
Vincenza La Starza
Senior SEO Manager at 56k Digital
Caroline Michalak
Business Development Manager at WhitePress®
Stella Wannberg
Senior SEO Consultant at Pixel Nordic AB
Pontus Vippelius
Head of SEO at AdRelevance
Barcelona, 04.04.2024 - Room Mate Gerard Hotel

c/Ausiàs March 34

Get ready, sunny Barcelona! SEO Vibes on Tour  second edition is coming your way with some Spanish flavor! Experience a fresh local perspective on SEO trends, network with awesome people, and learn tons of valuable insights while enjoying delicious tapas and drinks (with a foreign twist!). We guarantee - after the event you'll walk away with a head full of knowledge and positive energy - all to help you succeed in the SEO world. 

The venue is located in the heart of Barcelona. We invite you to a boutique hotel Room Mate Gerard and its spacious Miami and Milan rooms along with a Chill Out Patio - a perfect spot for a networking on a city rooftop. 

Isaac Díaz Carpio
Regional SEO Content Lead at Wise
Raquel González
Owner - SEO consultant at MintyConnect
Carlos Ortega
Bastian Grimm
CEO at Peak Ace AG
Sara Fernández Carmona
International SEO Consultant
Malta, 09.04.2024 - InterContinental Malta

St. George’ s Bay, St. Julian’s STJ 3310, Malta

Prepare yourself for SEO Vibes on Tour in Malta! Our series of local events offer a unique perspective on global trends in the industry, customized to the local needs and preferences of a given country.

Nestled along Malta's captivating coastline, the InterContinental Hotel seamlessly blends comfort and charm. With mesmerising views of the Mediterranean Sea, this five-star retreat is an ideal venue for gatherings. The event spaces provide a comforting escape, offering a perfect setting for SEO Vibes on Tour, an event tailored for SEO enthusiasts to learn and network. The hotel's diverse dining venues and rejuvenating spa experiences contribute to a unique experience against the azure backdrop.


Ivana Flynn
SEO Director
Sean Bianco
CEO of Gain Changer
Bucharest, 17.04.2024 - Grand Hotel Bucharest

Bd. Nicolae Balcescu nr 4

Bucharest, the capital of Romania, harbors wonderful stories waiting eagerly to be discovered. Among them are captivating tales of the rise of the SEO industry and the flourishing community of content marketing.

We invite you to join our journey with SEO Vibes on Tour in Bucharest. Discover what unfolds in this ever-evolving industry and how our SEO Vibes events manage to gather the most captivating topics, international expertise, and local communities. All of this is sprinkled with generous doses of fun and an atmosphere filled with positive energy.

Bogdan Păunică
SEO Manager at Digital Craft
Adrian Cojocariu
CEO at Project SEO
Ela Iliesi
SEO manager at Ejobs
Florin Girtan
Head of SEO at Data Revolt Agency
Veronique Duong
President & Co-Founder RANKWELL
Istanbul, 18.04.2024 - More info soon

Copenhagen, 18.04.2024 - More info soon

Malmo, 19.04.2024 - More info soon

Athens, 27.04.2024 - Impact Hub Athens

Karaiskaki 28, Athina 105 54, Greece

Athens, the captivating capital of Greece, holds a trove of untold stories, embracing a profound ancient heritage and a complex cultural tradition. Among its hidden narratives lies the development of SEO industry, interwoven with a flourishing content marketing community. Unveil the mysteries of Athens and embark on a journey that bridges its timeless past with modern digital endeavors.

Alex Galinos
Head Of SEO @hoppa, Co-Founder & Marketing Manager @Parents Hub
Christos Managoudis
Head of Performance at Spotawheel
Eleanna Petsa
SEO Manager at Kaizen Gaming
Antonis Dimitriou
SEO Lead at Minuttia
Vasilis Faroupos
Group SEO Director at Novibet
Sao Paulo, 09.05.2024 - More info soon

Budapest, 16.05.2024 - La Vida DUNA Rendezvényház

Budapest, Dunavirág u. 2, 1138 Hungary

Located next to Árpád Bridge and the Duna Towers, La Vida DUNA Conference Hall, with its modern yet youthful and elegant style, provides a unique venue for the first event in Hungary with WhitePress, SEO Vibes on Tour Budapest. This event, focused more on the local business community, will give you a taste of the global perspective on the latest hot topics in the industry.

Papp Gábor
Head of SEO at The Pitch
Száraz Krisztián
Technical SEO Expert | Webshop SEO specialist, ChrisDry.com
Szabó Csaba
International SEO Consultant at SEO Tailor
Verdes Tamás
CEO & SEO specialist at Zetra
Nagy Béla
CEO at SEO101
Szesztay Péter
CEO & Co-founder at BP Digital
Asztalos Levente
Head of SEO at Klikkmánia
Kocsis Norbert
Co-founder & SEO Expert at HiData
Utrecht, 16.05.2024 - More info soon

Helsinki, 23.05.2024 - More info soon

Antwerp, 17.05.2024 - More info soon

Dublin, 19.06.2024 - More info soon

Bratislava, September 2024 - More info soon

Stockholm, September 2024 - More info soon

Tallin, October 2024 - More info soon

What You can expect

Professional speakers TOP local experts and some worldwide speakers
Networking Expand your professional network
Bites & drinks Taste local treats
Vibrant ambience Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and have fun with your industry fellows
SEO Vibes DubAI
SEO Vibes DubAI
SEO Vibes DubAI
SEO Vibes DubAI
SEO Vibes DubAI


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