Feel the SEO Vibes in your city!

SEO Vibes on Tour

We invite you to take part in our around the Europe tour to bring up the vibes before the SEO Vibes Conference in Budapest. Choose your preferred location and take your SEO journey off!

At each of the SEO Vibes on Tour events you get to meet, engage and explore with fellow industry professionals. Learn from some of the best specialists in the field, share tips and tricks with people from your local market and/or international speakers. Squeeze the most out of the  SEO Vibes offer and prepare yourself for the big final conference in Budapest, October this year. 

SEO Vibes on Tour is:

  • local perspective on global trends in the industry

  • unique networking opportunities

  • events crafted according to local needs and preferences: Turkish breakfast or Romanian afternoon meetup - we do it as you like it!

  • casual format  for professional content 

  • condense pack of knowledge

SEO Vibes on Tour locations

SEO Vibes on Tour is a series of events crafted to the local SEO community needs. Each event is taking us one step closer to the main conference SEO Vibes Budapest. Check the wide range of not only European locations on our list and choose those closest to you. Multiple locations, customized formats all focused on growth of local SEO markets. For more details click on the selected event.
Past events
Bucharest, 29.03.2023 - Marmorosch Hotel

Doamnei street 2, Bucharest

Bucharest is full of hidden stories waiting to be discovered. That includes stories of SEO industry development and a flourishing content marketing community

Join SEO Vibes on Tour in Bucharest and have a taste of what is going on in the industry here and check how the SEO Vibes events bring the hottest topics, international know-how and  local communities up together. All sprinkled with good fun and a joyful mood! ...

Damian Sałkowski
CEO at Senuto
Ovidiu-Cristian Bolocan
Head of SEO & Managing Partner at Limitless Agency
Radu Mărcușu
CEO at Upswing, nominated as "Best Global SEO Agency" at Global Search Awards
Barcelona, 04.05.2023 - La Vaca Coworking

Carrer de la Creu dels Molers, 19, Barcelona

Get ready, sunny Barcelona! SEO Vibes on Tour is coming your way with some Spanish flavor! Experience a fresh local perspective on SEO trends, network with awesome people, and learn tons of valuable insights while enjoying delicious tapas and drinks (with a foreign twist!). We guarantee - after the event you'll walk away with a head full of knowledge and positive energy - all to help you succeed in the SEO world. (...)

Natalia Witczyk
Freelance International SEO Consultant
Iván García Estébanez
SEO manager at Bershka - Founder and SEO at Rockroi
Carlos Ortega
Freelance Technical SEO Consultant
Tel Aviv, 10.05.2023 - Mindspace Ahad Ha’am

Ahad Ha'am 54 , Tel Aviv

Found amidst a strip of redeveloped Bauhaus buildings on one of the oldest streets in Tel Aviv, Mindspace goes to the beat of its own drum. Could there be a better place than this to bring the SEO Vibes up to the streets of Tel Aviv? The Israeli edition of our SEO Vibes on Tour event series is going to be - wait for it - legendary

It will be all about the international SEO. The meeting will feature two different perspectives on international SEO, presented by Liraz Postan from a local standpoint and European guests sharing their viewpoint. (...) 

Liraz Postan
CEO at BrainZ Digital LTD UK
Hila Shitrit Nissim
Chief Marketing Officer at BLEND
Miłosz Krasiński
International SEO Consultant, Speaker, and Blogger. Owner of Chilli Fruit Web Consulting
Przemek Suchanek
New Business Manager - International SEO at WhitePress
Budapest, 18.05.2023 - La Vida DUNA Rendezvényház

Dunavirág street 2, Budapest

Budapest is the capital city of the SEO Vibes 2023 edition and will host the main conference on October 5th! Let's not wait till then to feel the SEO Vibes thrill! We invite you to start boosting your SEO experience much sooner - on May 18th - with the SEO Vibes on Tour Budapest edition. This event, focused more on the local business community, will give you a taste of the global perspective on the latest hot topics in the industry.

The La Vida DUNA Conference Hall, located next to the Árpád Bridge and the Duna Towers, with its modern style, provides a unique venue for SEO Vibes on Tour - Budapest. (...)

Szuhi Attila
SEO expert, entrepreneur, ite.hu
Száraz Krisztián
Technical SEO Expert | Webshop SEO specialist, ChrisDry.com
Szesztay Péter
CEO & Co-founder - BP Digital
Milan, 18.05.2023 - Hotel Cavour

21 Fatebenefratelli street, Milan

Join the SEO Vibes on Tour Milano edition yet on May 18 and meet with dozens of your industry fellows, build new proffesional connections, benefit from know-how presented by top class SEO proffesionals covering vide range of hottest topics including link building, AI, local marekting and so on. Enjoy the relaxed atmoshpere with a glass of wine in your hand during the networking. If you are SEO specialist from Milano region, you can't miss this opportunity!

Angelo Valenza
Clickable CEO & Head of SEO
Alessio Pisa
Instilla, CEO & Partner
Daniele Solinas
Uppercut CEO e Co-Founder
Gaetano Romeo
COO Bruce Clay Europe
İstanbul, 30.05.2023 - Delta Hotels Istanbul Levent

Esentepe Mahallesi Buyukdere Caddesi No 187, Sisli, Istanbul

İstanbul, the bustling metropolis of Türkiye, located at the crossroads of two continents - Europe and Asia - has absorbed the best of both worlds. The city where tradition and expirience goes hand in hand with a thrill of future and development. Could there be a better place to dive into the world of SEO Vibes on Tour - an event focused on sharing solid SEO industry know how in a relaxed format of a networking over a breakfast table. And who could say no to Turkish Breakfast? Come and taste the SEO Vibes on Tour with us!

Mert Vahit Demir
Zeo-SEO Team Lead
Cihat Murat Yuksel
SEO Lecturer | Webtures Academy Speaker | CMO at Webtures
Mert Erkal
International SEO Expert, Founder at Stradiji.com
Bratislava, 07.06.2023 - The Spot (SKY PARK)

Bottova 2/A, 811 09 Bratislava

Bratislava is one of the most hidden gems in Europe but also a heart of the SEO and content marketing world in Slovakia with the highest number of advertising agencies in the country. For all the SEO folks around WhitePress® is coming to Bratislava with another edition of SEO Vibes on Tour event. This series of local events all around Europe is focused on development of local SEO & content marketing communities and enable them to meet and exchange know-how. It also includes a pleasant place, good food, and, above all, an inspiring atmosphere. Join our SEO Vibes on Tour event in Bratislava to gather knowledge and enjoy the networking part!

Adriana Sečkárová
Marek Nehila
SEO specialist at Visibility
Damian Sałkowski
CEO at Senuto
Utrecht, 09.06.2023 - Kasteel Montfoort

Kasteelplein 1, 3417 JG Montfoort

Unique SEO business event in an extraordinary venue with top industry experts, excellent networking opportunities and exceptional vibe. Isn't it a perfect combination of all you need to boost your SEO business? We will provide you with all of these and spice it up with lavish lunch and some delicacies to make your platter full. At SEO Vibes on Tour in Utrecht we will wine and dine you in a royal style at the premises of Montfoort Castle!



Bart van der Meer
Director of Search @ Leads.io
Marjolein Schollaert
On-page SEO specialist
Jacco Hermus
Senior SEO Specialist @ Springbok Agency
Miłosz Krasiński
International SEO Consultant, Speaker, and Blogger. Owner of Chilli Fruit Web Consulting
Mateusz Wyszogrodzki
Digital Marketing Expert and Video Content Manager at SENUTO
Copenhagen, 13.06.2023 - Villa Kultur

Krausesvej 3, Copenhagen

If content is the king, distribution is the queen, then networking is the key! Come and meet your local SEO fellows, tighten up the bonds, build new alliances. This event is all about connection and building success together - over the bridge from Malmo to Copenhagen and the other way around. SEO Vibes on Tour in Copenhagen takes inspiration from the impressive Øresund Bridge and set the goal to build SEO communities accros the countries. Check the details and join the SEO Vibes on Tour Copenhagen!

Christopher Hofman Laursen
Head of SEO @ InboundCPH
Soeren Holm
SEO Specialist and Consultant
Gerry White
SEO at Riverside.fm
Prague, 29.06.2023 - Churchill I.

Italská 2581/67, Prague

The SEO and content marketing community knows no boundaries. For this reason, WhitePress® is organizing SEO Vibes - an international SEO conference in Budapest, supported by a number of local SEO Vibes on Tour events, including the upcoming event in Prague. The aim of the events is to support a community of marketing enthusiasts and enable them to network and share knowledge. This also includes a pleasant place, good food and an inspiring atmosphere.

Anna Schumacher
SEO Team leader - agentura Effectix
Ladislav Schumacher
Head of IT development at agentura Effectix
David Bureš
SEO specialist at Taste
Mateusz Wyszogrodzki
Digital Marketing Expert and Video Content Manager at Senuto
Michał Dmitrowicz
Head of Marketing at Senuto
Stockholm, 22.09.2023 - CONVENDUM

Kungsgatan 9 Stockholm

How about a perfect blend of fika and business meetup? That is what SEO Vibes on Tour Stokholm is about. Relaxed atmosphere and excellent presentations delivered by top professionals. Vibrant topics and excellent networking opportunities. Sounds like a well spent SEO day, doesn’t it?

Jorge Castro
CEO Growth Marketing Sweden AB
Vincenza La Starza
Senior Manager SEO • 56K digital
David Nilsson
Senior Technical SEO specialist at Aller Media AB
Ulrika Viberg
CEO and Senior SEO at Unikorn
Athens, 16.09.2023 - Impact Hub Athens

Karaiskaki 28, Athina

What could be better to start the second half of the business year just after holidays than a powerful SEO meetup with fellow industry specialists? That is what WhitePress together with Impact Hub Athens has prepared for you for September 16th.  We build communities for impact - that is the venue’s tagline and that is exactly what we are going to create! A unique SEO meetup with top experts sharing their insights and excellent opportunity to expand your network. That is the impact we do with the SEO Vibes on Tour!

Embrace the Athens SEO Vibes and become part of our captivating journey!

Kyriakos Zenios
CEO of Salty Digital | SEO & CRO Expert | SEO instructor
Fay Masiala
Organic Growth Marketer at insurancemarket.gr
Alex Galinos
Head Of SEO @hoppa, Co-Founder & Marketing Manager @Parents Hub
Stathis Nikolos
Paris, 20.09.2023 - La Maison de la Nouvelle-Aquitaine

19 rue d'Argenteuil 75001, Paris

Paris is not only a worldwide capital of romanticism but also a home to a vibrant tech scene, making it an ideal destination for SEO Vibes on Tour event. The city boasts a thriving community of digital marketers, SEO experts, and tech enthusiasts, who are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation. In WhitePress we could not miss on such an opportunity to grow together with such a collective and you shouldn’t either!

Philippe YONNET
Founder and CEO of SEO Agency Neper
Julien Deneuville
Databulle’s Founder
Véronique Duong
RANKWELL's President & Co-Founder
Catherine Robbe
GROUPAMA Editorial Manager
Mathieu Chapon
Founder & Data & Innovation Director of Peak Ace France

Why should you join the event?

Professional speakers TOP local experts and some worldwide speakers
Networking Expand your professional network
Bites & drinks Taste local treats
Vibrant ambience Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and have fun with your industry fellows
SEO Vibes Budapest


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