BUCHAREST 29.03.2023

Feel the SEO Vibes in your city!


Marmorosch Hotel
Doamnei street 2, Bucharest

Bucharest is full of hidden stories waiting to be discovered. That includes stories of SEO industry development and a flourishing content marketing community

Join SEO Vibes on Tour in Bucharest and have a taste of what is going on in the industry here and check how the SEO Vibes events bring the hottest topics, international know-how and  local communities up together. All sprinkled with good fun and a joyful mood.

A step away from the heart of the Old Center of Bucharest, the Marmorosch hotel is at the epicenter of local cultural life. This time the Marmorosch will host our event.  Inspired by the optimism and hope brought by the Belle Époque, Hotel Marmorosch has reinvented the classic art of refinement, adding an exciting touch of modernity and now is moving towards the future with being a venue for vibrant events such as SEO Vibes on Tour.

Be the part of the avant garde and join the very first local event to bring up the vibes before the International Conference SEO Vibes Budapest 2023 that will take place on October 5th.

SEO Vibes on Tour - Bucharest



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Semantic SEO - a practical approach

Damian Sałkowski, CEO at Senuto

Coffee Break

Unlimited coffee and snacks to bring up the vibe!


Rethink your actual SEO ecosystem in order to scale-up clients and team member

Ovidiu-Cristian Bolocan, Head of SEO & Managing Partner at Limitless Agency

Coffee Break

Unlimited coffee and snacks to bring up the vibe!


From Google Organic to Digital Organic

Radu Mărcușu, CEO at Upswing, nominated as "Best Global SEO Agency" at Global Search Awards

Networking & Local treats and wines

Please yourself with some wine, grab a snack and connect with industry fellows!


Damian Sałkowski
CEO at Senuto

Entrepreneur and SEO specialist with 15 years of experience. He develops several businesses on a daily basis, including Senuto. He focuses on the use of data in SEO. Speaker at dozens of conferences, and author of several books and industry articles. Privately a happy father and husband. In his free time, he enjoys motorboating and watching a football match or a good TV series. 

Ovidiu-Cristian Bolocan
Head of SEO & Managing Partner at Limitless Agency

Cristian Bolocan is Head of SEO & Partner @Limitless Agency. He is managing at this point almost 200 SEO projects, mostly Ecommerce. In the last 7 years, as a Head of SEO, his objective was to create an SEO ecosystem that can deliver the best SEO results for agency clients. At this point, his team (more than 100 SEO specialists, everyone with a well defined micro-role) deliver quantity and quality SEO processes to clients agency.

Radu Mărcușu
CEO at Upswing, nominated as "Best Global SEO Agency" at Global Search Awards

Radu has been actively contributing to the development of the SEO and Content Marketing industry for 12 years, both in Romania and globally through Upswing.ro, SEOmonitor and Contero.io. For 6 years he has been at the head of Upswing, the first large agency in Romania dedicated to search engine optimization. Recently, Contero.io has emerged from Upswing, a tool that helps teams from SEO agencies, Content Marketing, publishing, but also brands to create content that ranks in the first positions in Google.

Why should you join the event?

Professional speakers

SEO experts to SEO people. Leaders of Romanian SEO community along with well-know expert from Poland will share their perspective with you! Don't miss such a juicy opprotunity to gain most recent know-how!


If content is the king, distribution is the queen, then networking is the key! Come and meet your local SEO fellows, tighten up the bonds, build new alliances. 

Bites & drinks

During the breaks in between the presentations freshly brewed coffee followed with sweet and savory pastry will keep you up. For the networking part some excellent Romanian wines and finger food will make a good accompaniament! Indulge yourself!

Vibrant ambience Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and have fun with your industry fellows
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