PRAGUE 29.06.2023

Feel the SEO Vibes in your city!


Churchill I.
Italská 2581/67, Prague

The SEO and content marketing community knows no boundaries. For this reason, WhitePress® is organizing SEO Vibes - an international SEO conference in Budapest, supported by a number of local SEO Vibes on Tour events, including the upcoming event in Prague. The aim of the events is to support a community of marketing enthusiasts and enable them to network and share knowledge. This also includes a pleasant place, good food and an inspiring atmosphere.

We invite you to the community space Churchill I. in Prague 2, which is located right in the center of Prague with a view of Prague Castle and the Old Town. Modern architecture, unique location and excellent accessibility make visiting this place a real experience. Become part of the international SEO community and join the event in Prague that will bring the right vibe before the international conference SEO Vibes Budapest 2023, which will take place on October 5th.

SEO Vibes on Tour - Prague



Welcome to SEO Vibes on Tour by WhitePress®

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WhitePress® introduction


SEO meets code

Anna Schumacher, SEO Team leader - agentura Effectix

SEO meets code

Ladislav Schumacher, Head of IT development at agentura Effectix

Snacks and coffee

Unlimited coffee and snacks for extra energy!


AI transforms SEO: Best Practices

David Bureš, SEO specialist at Taste

Get the most out of your website with Senuto

Mateusz Wyszogrodzki, Digital Marketing Expert and Video Content Manager at Senuto

Get the most out of your website with Senuto

Michał Dmitrowicz, Head of Marketing at Senuto


You have only two options: say hello to people you already know or meet new ones.


Anna Schumacher
SEO Team leader - agentura Effectix

Anička is the Team Leader of the Czech SEO team at the marketing agency Effectix. In addition to leading super colleagues, she also enjoys automating SEO processes or local SEO. She likes to think more strategically and creatively about clients. Its clients include Japan Tobacco International, CCC, and Elfetex.

Ladislav Schumacher
Head of IT development at agentura Effectix

Láďa is Head of IT Development at Effectix. He is a backend developer and a .NET technologies enthusiast. He previously worked on custom development. He created information systems for sports associations or a cash register system for a network of newsagents. Now he helps Effectix to automate unnecessarily lengthy processes and develops internal marketing tools.

David Bureš
SEO specialist at Taste

David has been working in SEO for five years. He currently works as an Associate SEO Team Leader at the Taste agency, in which, in addition to website optimization, he is in charge of introducing AI into the daily work of his team. David started his career as an SEO specialist at, one of the largest automotive magazines in the Czech Republic. However, when he discovered that the technical part of SEO was more interesting than the content part, he switched to the agency side, where his experience is essential while working for diverse clients. He enjoys doing car reviews in his spare time.

Mateusz Wyszogrodzki
Digital Marketing Expert and Video Content Manager at Senuto

Mateusz Wyszogrodzki is an  Digital Marketing Expert and Video Content Manager at Senuto, Poland's largest SEO SaaS company. He focuses on providing valuable knowledge and education about SEO and the Senuto app. Mateusz also hosts a live online talk show on SEO and marketing - focusing on the latest trends and best practices in digital marketing.

Michał Dmitrowicz
Head of Marketing at Senuto

Michał Dmitrowicz is Head of Marketing in company Senuto. He is a passionate photographer and AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego). By education - historian and economist. Thanks to these qualities, he combines in his job creativity with hard data analysis and drawing conclusions.

Why should you join the event?

Professional speakers TOP local experts and some worldwide speakers
Networking Expand your professional network
Bites & drinks Taste local treats
Vibrant ambience Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and have fun with your industry fellows
SEO Vibes Budapest


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