BUDAPEST 16.05.2024

Feel the SEO Vibes in your city!


La Vida DUNA Rendezvényház
Budapest, Dunavirág u. 2, 1138 Hungary

Meet us again in Budapest for the SEO Vibes on Tour 2024 edition! Great presentations, amazing atmosphere, all to ensure the best possible event for experts like you!

Meet us at La Vida DUNA Conference Hall, located next to the Árpád Bridge and the Duna Towers, which with its modern yet youthful and elegant style provides a unique venue for the first event with WhitePress in Hungary, SEO VIbes on Tour Budapest.

SEO Vibes on Tour - Budapest





How (not) to use ChatGPT for SEO copywriting?

Papp Gábor, Head of SEO at The Pitch

Advantages, disadvantages of CMSs from SEO point of view

Száraz Krisztián, Technical SEO Expert | Webshop SEO specialist,



Coffee break


Keyword research from unusual sources, SEO Tailor

Szabó Csaba, International SEO Consultant, SEO Tailor

The sufficient minimum: 3 webshop SEO case studies

Verdes Tamás, CEO & SEO specialist at Zetra

Coffee break


Discussion panel - Search engine optimisation in 2024 in Hungary

Nagy Béla, CEO at SEO101
Szesztay Péter, CEO & Co-founder at BP Digital
Asztalos Levente, Head of SEO at Klikkmánia
Kocsis Norbert, Co-founder & SEO Expert at HiData



Papp Gábor
Head of SEO at The Pitch

Co-founder and Head of SEO at one of the leading SEO blogs and agencies in Hungary. Published over 200 articles and case studies in the past 10+ years focusing on SEO. He has worked with large, international clients, tech companies and a New York Times Bestseller Author.

Száraz Krisztián
Technical SEO Expert | Webshop SEO specialist,


17 years of SEO expertise | 30 CMS SEO knowledge | 480+ SEO assignments | 4 colleagues. Technical SEO specialist but also CRO and UX are important aspects for him. He offers SEO training for companies, advises on CMS (who, what, why to choose and which one is best) and - uniquely in the country - also deals with SEO in the wine industry.

Szabó Csaba
International SEO Consultant, SEO Tailor

Former Head of SEO at Klikkmánia Search Marketing Agency, speaker, currently freelance SEO consultant. Csaba has been working in search engine optimization since 2017. He first encountered this field in a start-up environment, where his professional love affair began. He took this further later into an agency environment, and after almost 5 years he decided to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions as an SEO Tailor instead. He mainly deals with content SEO, semantic SEO, and technical SEO.

Verdes Tamás
CEO & SEO specialist at Zetra

Tamás is the founder and head of ZETRA SEO agency. Their agency manages and accompanies SEO projects: their clients include domestic and international companies and non-profit organizations, Hungarian, German and English language magazines, web shops, service providers, and many more.

Nagy Béla
CEO at SEO101

He fell in love with SEO as a salesman. His first professional success was in 2004 with a hobby website, in 2006 he supported his company's sales processes with SEO, and in 2009 he created his first website, now optimised for clients - since then SEO has been at the heart of his work. As CEO, he manages the team, where they manage several of their own projects and even more for clients - their best known client is He is most proud of working with people with whom he finds common ground and purpose - he says he couldn't be successful without them.

Szesztay Péter
CEO & Co-founder at BP Digital


Online marketing specialist, owner and manager of the BP Digital SEO agency. With its team of experts, it helps startups and medium-sized and large companies grow with online marketing tools. During his university years, he started working on building his own businesses, which soon brought international success. He is the co-founder of BP Digital, which was launched in 2016, where he has also been performing executive duties since 2017. In addition to online marketing, he deals with enterprise and business development - as a mentor of the venture capital fund Hiventures, he helps the development of innovative enterprises, and teaches at the Budapest Metropolitan University.

Asztalos Levente
Head of SEO at Klikkmánia


Levente started his professional career in the field of general marketing in 1999; he has been an online communications expert since 2005. First, he gained significant experience at Wunderman BTL, an agency member of the Young & Rubicam group, and later moved his talents to the CID Direkt Marketing agency, a company of nearly 20 professionals, where he served as Director of Operations for 5 years. Former co-owner and managing director of Klikkmánia search marketing and performance agency. SEO has been his main field of expertise for nearly a decade, and he currently manages the agency’s SEO projects.

Kocsis Norbert
Co-founder & SEO Expert at HiData

He is the co-founder and technical director of the HiData digital agency. He has been involved in SEO for almost 10 years. He learned the basics in the startup world in Berlin and then worked as an SEO consultant for leading national brands on the agency side. Since 2019, she has been helping international and domestic clients to be more consciously present in the online space with the HiData SEO team, currently working on finding a balance between company building and professional lead tasks.

What You can expect

Professional speakers TOP local experts and some worldwide speakers
Networking Expand your professional network
Bites & drinks Taste local treats
Vibrant ambience Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and have fun with your industry fellows



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