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The Gibson Hotel
Point Square, Dublin 1, Ireland

Dive into the world of SEO and join us on SEO Vibes on Tour event in Dublin!  Get ready for this vibrant event - expand your network among SEO specialists and benefit from the know-how shared by our speakers, leading experts in the SEO and marketing industries.

Become a part of the international SEO community and let's unlock the power of SEO together in the vibrant city of Dublin!

SEO Vibes on Tour 2024 - Dublin


Welcome to SEO Vibes on Tour Dublin
Surviving SEO disasters - listen & learn from SEO catastrophes
Kaspar Szymanski, Founder of SearchBrothers
AI in Business – Leveraging New Technologies and Their Pitfalls
Judith Lewis, Founder at Decabbit Consultancy
Is TikTok the New Google? Not Exactly but Hear Me Out…
Hannah Bryans, Director & Co-Founder at Part Three Digital
Q&A session
Coffee Break
Centre of Excellence (CoE) functions across multiple international markets and computed edge deployments
Nick Wilsdon, CEO & Founder @Torque
Helpful Content Update: Working Hard or Hardly Working?
Itamar Blauer, Senior SEO Director at StudioHawk
From backlog to business Impact: How to write SEO tickets devs will love
Gus Pelogia, SEO Product Manager @ Indeed
Rise of the Machines? How A.I. Will Impact Your Organic Strategy
Sean Markey, Head of SEO at Wolfgang Digital
Q&A session
Lunch break
Killing Zombies and Breathing New Life into Old Content
Declan Clancy, Director of Business Development at ePresence Digital Marketing
Future of Search
Aoife Mc llraith, Owner Luminosity Digital Consultancy
25 Years of SEO Myths and Bullshit
Barry Adams, Independent SEO Consultant for News Publishers. Co-Founder of the News & Editorial SEO Summit
Q&A session
Discussion panel: There are no easy questions!
James Dooley, Founder of PromoSEO
There are no easy questions!
Karl Hudson, Founder of Searcharoo
There are no easy questions!
Steven Khanna, Head of English Markets at WhitePress®


Kaspar Szymanski
Founder of SearchBrothers

Kaspar Szymanski a renowned SEO expert, former senior member of the famed Google Search team and among the very few with extensive policy driving, webspam hunting and webmaster outreach expertise. Nowadays Kaspar applies his skills to recover websites from Google penalties and to help clients to grow visibility of their websites in search engines results.

Judith Lewis
Founder at Decabbit Consultancy

Judith is a renowned international speaker, MC/compare, writer, trainer, blogger and digital media consultant specialising in applying strategic understanding of digital technologies to help businesses innovate and optimise their effectiveness. She has over 25 years of experience, and runs her own consultancy delivering actionable business insight for M2B, B2B, and B2C companies globally. Judith judges the Search Awards across the world, leveraging her deep expertise in multiple markets.Outside marketing, Judith Lewis is also a seated member of the WBA think tank in Switzerland which seeks to assist in realising the digitisation of the wine sector. She is a board member of the Academy of Chocolate (AoC), a grand jury member of the AoC awards, and delivers educational training. She is also involved in judging a number of international wine awards.

Hannah Bryans
Director & Co-Founder at Part Three Digital

Award winning digital marketer and manager, Hannah co-founded Part Three Digital with her business partner Jess Orr Downey in 2020. Part Three Digital are a Belfast based digital agency that specialise in social media and search marketing with a particular interest in how these two areas can work together to garner better visibility and results for brands. The agency has received award winning industry recognition, including Small Agency of the Year at The Spider Awards and Best Newcomer at the Digital Media Awards.Google’s own data states that 40% of 18–24 year-olds prefer to search using Instagram or TikTok instead of Google. Hannah combines traditional SEO tactics with social media content creation to drive visibility for brands within social channels.

Nick Wilsdon
CEO & Founder @Torque

Nick has worked in digital marketing since 1998. After moving to Russia in 2003, he specialised in multilingual SEO while broadening his knowledge across paid media, content and PR. During this time he contributed to the Russian digital start-up community; working with Yandex, the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the US State Department. Returning to the UK in 2011, Nick then built and led marketing teams at Arena Media, Havas Media Group and the Dentsu Aegis Network. As the technical SEO lead at Vodafone Group Plc. and SEO programme owner for 7 years, he improved online performance, sales and customer experience across 22 international markets. In his consultancy roles, he has deployed digital acceleration and digital transformation programmes across leading global brands. In 2020, Nick founded Torque Partnership (https://www.torquepartnership.com/) - a consultancy team providing innovative digital solutions to enterprise companies. Torque teams have been trusted by a client base with combined annual revenues of £170bln per annum to run digital acceleration programs. These programs focused on a range of digital areas, from Centre of Excellence (CoE) functions across multiple international markets and computed edge deployments through Fastly, Akamai, CloudFront and CloudFlare. As an advocate for raising standards in the digital industry, Nick judges the UK, EU and MENA Search Awards. Outside work, he enjoys cycling and taking part in Prince’s Trust cycling events.4

Itamar Blauer
Senior SEO Director at StudioHawk

Itamar Blauer is the senior SEO director at StudioHawk, a specialist SEO agency. He is an SEO trainer, speaker, author, and host of the "SEO Unplugged" podcast, sharing tips and case studies across various SEO topics. Catering to both SMEs and large enterprises within diverse B2B and B2C sectors, Itamar has a proven track record of increasing rankings with SEO that is UX-focused, data-backed, and creative.

Gus Pelogia
SEO Product Manager @ Indeed

Gus Pelogia is a journalist turned SEO, working in digital marketing since 2012. He’s currently an SEO Product Manager at Indeed, the #1 job site in the world with over 350 million unique visitors every month. He is part of a cross-functional team with writers, UX researchers, engineers and product managers. He’s from Brazil but made his career abroad, working both in-house and at digital agencies in Argentina, The Netherlands, and Ireland. He spent 5 years as an Account Manager and Team Lead at agencies such as Spark Foundry (Core) and Wolfgang Digital, working with clients from travel, e-commerce, SaaS and professional services, winning several industry awards such as The Drum Search Awards and Irish Content Marketing Awards. A frequent guest in SEO podcasts, Gus has been invited to talk about SEO & Product in shows, such as Crawling Mondays, The SEO Sprint, Majestic’s SEO in 2022/2023/2024 series and many others. You can also find his articles on guspelogia.com. From link building to migrations, local and enterprise, Gus has done a bit of everything in SEO. Prior to the marketing life, he worked for some of the largest media outlets in Brazil (print and online) for six years. One of his most successful ventures was a blog on MTV, and his book Diário de Palco, where he profiled ten people involved in the independent rock scene in Brazil.

Sean Markey
Head of SEO at Wolfgang Digital

Sean Markey was a founding member of Wolfgang Digital's SEO nearly 10 years ago.

In that space of time, Sean has seen SEO 'die' numerous times, only for the SEO industry to miraculously grow year-in, year-out. Penguins, Pandas, Rankbrains, you name it - they've all tried to 'kill' SEO at one point or another, but here we are.

The latest thing to attempt 'killing' SEO is artificial intelligence, but Sean takes a more optimistic look at the situation; SEO has always been about adapting to change quickly, and the Rise of the A.I. Machines is proving to be no different. In his talk, Sean will explain why SEOs shouldn't fear the A.I. revolution, but prepare themselves to master it!

Wolfgang Digital are Europe's most awarded digital marketing agency and Ireland's only employee trust-owned company. Their clients can be found everywhere from Ireland to Alaska (and many warmer places too!).

Declan Clancy
Director of Business Development at ePresence Digital Marketing

Declan Clancy is Director of Business Development at ePresence Digital Marketing headquartered in Cork with a presence in Kerry and Wexford. In his day to day role Declan works with a diverse portfolio of clients including some of Irelands best loved brands to help them scale and grow. Declan joined ePresence in 2018 and has over 15 years’ experience working in digital marketing with previous roles in the technology and hospitality industries. Outside of work Declan loves spending family time with his wife and son and his hobbies include running and attending sporting events in hurling, football and rugby.

Aoife Mc llraith
Owner Luminosity Digital Consultancy

Aoife McIlraith is owner and MD of Luminosity Digital marketing agency and founder of Speakerlineup.com An international digital & SEO agency owner and consultant with 22+ years international marketing. Helping brands get the Right Content, to the Right Audience, at the Right Time to Drive Sales. Specializing in SEO, she spent over 15 years working with global brands building multilingual digital SEO and marketing strategies. Alongside running global web publishing operations for sites like Canon in European, Starbucks.com world wide (excluding USA) and Intel in EMEA and APAC. Before starting her own agency she held the position of VP, Product Marketing with Semrush. A regular speaker at international conferences & appointed judge for European, UK, US Search and Tech Awards for over seven years. Aoife was recognized among the “Top 20 Women making the biggest impact in Marketing Tech” by B2B Marketing Magazine (2019). Holding postgrads in web technologies and digital marketing, she is also a mentor with Enterprise Ireland.

Barry Adams
Independent SEO Consultant for News Publishers. Co-Founder of the News & Editorial SEO Summit

Barry Adams is a specialised SEO consultant for news publishers, focusing on technical SEO and editorial SEO. Barry counts some of the world’s biggest media brands among his clients including The New York Times, News UK, The Guardian, FOX, Condé Nast, Euronews, Hearst, and The Independent. He is a regular speaker at conferences and events around the world, delivers annual guest lectures for local universities, and writes an irregular newsletter on SEOforGoogleNews.com.

James Dooley
Founder of PromoSEO

James Dooley is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist who has made a name for himself in the world of digital marketing. He is the CEO of PromoSEO, a leading lead generation agency, and the founder of FatRank, a website that helps other SEOs elevate their game. Dooley began his career in digital marketing in 2009, and he quickly became fascinated by SEO. He began to learn everything he could about the subject, and in the years since, he has built and ranked over 1,000 domains online. He is now considered one of the UK's leading SEO experts.

Karl Hudson
Founder of Searcharoo

Karl Hudson is a seasoned digital marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in the industry. His journey began at the young age of 14 when he started assisting his parents, who are life coaches and hypnotherapists, with their online presence. This early exposure to SEO sparked a lifelong passion for digital marketing. Throughout his career, Karl has demonstrated a unique ability to drive significant revenue growth and build successful brands. He has a proven track record of helping gambling companies achieve high 7-figure annual revenue streams as well as exiting from that business. Additionally, Karl has collaborated with numerous business partners to establish multiple thriving brands.His expertise spans a wide range of areas, including SEO, reputation management, and comprehensive digital marketing strategies. Today, Karl focuses on investing in various digital assets, including websites, agencies, and SaaS products. His portfolio of investments showcases his commitment to nurturing and growing digital ventures. Karl Hudson's diverse skill set and extensive experience make him a valuable asset in the digital marketing landscape. He continues to seek new opportunities to invest in and grow digital properties, leveraging his expertise to drive success in the ever-evolving online world.

Steven Khanna
Head of English Markets at WhitePress®

Steven Khanna is involved with WhitePress®, where he holds the position of Head of English Markets. He is recognized for his expertise in content strategy, particularly focusing on creating evergreen content that can withstand the challenges posed by Google’s core updates. Khanna advocates for digital PR and sustainable link-building practices that avoid spammy tactics and emphasize quality and relevance in content creation. His approach to SEO emphasizes the integration of human creativity with the strategic use of AI tools, aiming to produce content that genuinely serves user needs and withstands algorithm changes.

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Networking Expand your professional network
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