STOCKHOLM 26.09.2024

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Helio GT30
Grev Turegatan 30, 114 38 Stockholm

Celebrate the best SEO vibes again! Flying on the wings of success of last year’s event, we are thrilled to announce SEO Vibes on Tour Stockholm vol. 2.

Our plan remains unchanged…to bring together experts, enthusiasts and newcomers for a day filled with inspiring sessions, engaging activities, and meaningful connections.

This year we welcome you to remarkable Helio GT30 conference venue that boasts contemporary and comfortable interiors, offering participants an inviting space to immerse themselves in the SEO Vibes on Tour experience.

Whether you were with us last year or are joining for the first time we promise you a dynamic atmosphere, vibrant discussions and unforgettable networking.

SEO Vibes on Tour - Stockholm


Welcome and technical information
How to optimize for the future world of AI.
Jorge Castro, CEO of Growth Marketing Sweden AB
Optimize for EEAT in the new AI search
Ulrika Viberg, CEO and Senior SEO at Unikorn
Johan Björtin, Head of Data Insights at SQLI Nordics
Coffee break
The Future of Ecommerce SEO: Generative AI and Its Limitless Potential
Josef Borgström, SEO Team Lead at s360
Digital PR
Vincenza La Starza, Senior SEO Manager at 56k Digital
Lunch break
Social Search: how to optimize social media for search
Sabine Ljunggren, Senior SEO Specialist and Partner at Maia
Is it worth investing in quality content?
Michael Wahlgren, CEO and Founder of Pineberry
Coffee break
Programmatic SEO: how to create a revenue engine using content
Stella Wannberg, Senior SEO Consultant at Pixel Nordic AB
Google algorithms and updates through the ages, then and now. How should we tackle what has happened and what will happen on the search engines?
Niklas Aronsson, Professional Marketer & SEO expert
Coffee break
Fake news vs Fun Facts about WhitePress®
Caroline Michalak, Business Development Manager at WhitePress®
Treasure hunt in the search engine
Patrik Rosenfeld, SEO Manager at Nexer Group SEO Manager
SEO Snack


Jorge Castro
CEO of Growth Marketing Sweden AB

Jorge Castro, a renowned search engine expert, has not only won the Marketer of the Year award but has also successfully taken companies from 0 to 100 million. As an international finalist in the "Small SEO Agency of the Year" category (Search Engine Land) and a finalist in "Best Use of Search Automotive" at the European Search Awards 2024, Jorge is a heavyweight in his field. He has also won the European CEO of the Year Awards 2024 as "Best SEO Agency CEO" (Sweden). With his deep knowledge and experience, Jorge will share his insights and strategies to optimize search engine performance in the new world of AI. He is currently an international finalist at the glamorous Global Search Awards.

Ulrika Viberg
CEO and Senior SEO at Unikorn

Ulrika Viberg is the founder of the Sweden-based SEO agency Unikorn, focusing on user-centric SEO. She has nearly two decades of experience and deep knowledge in Technical SEO, Web Projects, and Digital Strategies. Ulrika also co-hosts the International SEO initiative Global SEO Club, and SEOGIRLS a community for women in SEO in Sweden.

Johan Björtin
Head of Data Insights at SQLI Nordics

Johan Björtin is a Senior SEO and Web Analytics consultant with a background in both frontend and backend development for several years. As the Head of Data Insights at SQLI Nordics, his main goal is to help clients in both B2C and B2B e-commerce to thrive with Google Search. By utilizing data in decision-making processes, his experience complements well with UX and Design to emphasize the importance of optimization that ultimately enriches the overall user experience.

Josef Borgström
SEO Team Lead at s360

Josef is a SEO Team Lead at s360, a performance agency with the largest SEO unit in the nordics. Josef has close to ten years of experience in SEO, and has worked both in-house and on the agency side and is currently leading s360’s SEO expansion into Sweden.

Privately, a happy father and partner. In his free time, he enjoys movies, books and likes to spend the entire day cooking.

Vincenza La Starza
Senior SEO Manager at 56k Digital

With over 15 years of experience in SEO, Vincenza is a seasoned expert in the field. Her extensive expertise extends across diverse industries and markets, having worked with a wide range of clients to help them grow their organic presence. What she finds most interesting with SEO is the mix of creativity, analysis, and technical aspects, recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all approach in achieving success. Currently, she holds the responsibility of leading the SEO team and offerings at 56K digital. 

Sabine Ljunggren
Senior SEO Specialist and Partner at Maia

Sabine Ljunggren is a Senior SEO Specialist and Partner at the growth agency Maia. For the past 7 years, Sabine has been helping companies from different industries to improve their organic presence. She is passionate about sharing knowledge and regularly trains in both SEO and CRO at professional schools such as Berghs School of Communication, IHM Business School and Medieinstitutet. In 2020, Sabine was named "Young Marketing Professional of the year" by SEMrush.

Michael Wahlgren
CEO and Founder of Pineberry

Michael Wahlgren has worked with SEO for 20 years and is the founder of the agency Pineberry where he works as an SEO consultant together with 70 colleagues. He is an appreciated lecturer, host of the Search Podcast and author of the best-selling SEO book “Guldläge på nätet”.

Stella Wannberg
Senior SEO Consultant at Pixel Nordic AB

Stella Wannberg is a senior SEO consultant at the SEO agency Pixel Nordic and the winner of the Rising Star award at the European Search Awards in 2022. She has got 6 years of experience within the field and has been working agency-side since she first started with SEO, giving her experience with various sites, businesses, and teams. Today, she mostly works with global brands and companies.

Niklas Aronsson
Professional Marketer & SEO expert

Niklas Aronsson is helping clients with strategies regarding all growth-related topics. His first encounter with "manipulating search results", now known as SEO, was back in 1998 in the Altavista days, and he has been working full time with SEO for 20 years. Niklas also helps out with SEO and Marketing strategies for future generations in his role as lecturer and mentor for the schools in Malmö focusing on Digital Marketing and Digital Analysis. The combination of analysing data and creative thinking is the reason why he fell in love with SEO early on. He believes most decisions should be based on data instead of "having a hunch" in today's business.

Caroline Michalak
Business Development Manager at WhitePress®

Caroline Michalak is an experienced Business Development Consultant with significant background in Digital Marketing and Communications. She has more than 15 years of experience in working within the marketing industry. Currently holding a key business development role in WhitePress®, supporting Swedish SEO Agencies and SEO Specialists with complex link building and digital PR solutions.

Patrik Rosenfeld
SEO Manager at Nexer Group SEO Manager

Patrik has worked in digital for 27 years and has worked as a web analyst, digital strategist and 17 years in SEO. Patrik currently runs Nexer Group's SEO department, which works both internally and with external customers.

What You can expect

Professional speakers TOP local experts and some worldwide speakers
Networking Expand your professional network
Bites & drinks Taste local treats
Vibrant ambience Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and have fun with your industry fellows



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