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Select offers with guaranteed traffic - how does it work? (Q&A for advertisers)

Updated on: 2021-04-21  
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A new feature has just appeared on the platform that publishers and advertisers will benefit from. These are offers with guaranteed traffic, which, apart from the valuable publication on prestigious websites, will also ensure reaching the appropriate target group of recipients. Why is it worth choosing such offers and where to find them? We answer the advertisers' most frequent questions.

1. How do I find publishers who have offers with guaranteed traffic?

It's simple - in the database of the WhitePress® portals, expand the advanced search filters and check the "Offers with guaranteed traffic" checkbox. Then click the "Search" button underneath, and only the sites that meet the above condition will appear listed.

If you want to add a column with guaranteed traffic information to the default portals view, edit the column list as shown in the screen below.

2. Why is it worth choosing offers with guaranteed traffic?

Regardless of whether you run content marketing or PR activities, you want to reach as many people as possible representing your target group. Subject publishing allows you to narrow your audience to a group interested in a given topic, however the number of people who will find your website and the extent to which it will convert into sales or leads also depends on the appropriate promotion of the content. If you invest in publication on leading websites, you should ensure that your article is properly exposed. That is why we have introduced the function of adding offers with guaranteed traffic. We are promoting it intensely among our publishers, and we are also negotiating prices. We want as many portals as possible to have offers, first of all with attractive promotion, and secondly with good prices.

3. How do I verify that the publisher has met the terms of the offer? What if the publisher fails to deliver the traffic?

When choosing an offer with a guarnateed traffic, advertisers also see information about the completion date. When it is over, WhitePress® requires the publisher to submit statistics confirming the performance of the service. A report attached by the publisher appears in the advertiser's panel next to a particular article. If the publisher has linked the WhitePress® tracking code, the advertiser has at their disposal extensive and visually presented statistics, which can also be downloaded as a PDF or XLS file.

4. How do publishers acquire traffic for their articles?

The main sources of traffic acquisition by publishers are: promotion within the website (exposure on the home page, in theme sections, teasers under other articles), social media channels, mailings, industry groups. Publishers also use paid promotion sources (incl. Facebook Ads, Google Ads).

5. Does WhitePress verify article traffic?

WhitePress® has always been the guardian of good practices of generating traffic on publications. One way to spot discrepancies in this regard is to analyze the data from the WhitePress® tracking code.

It checks, inter alia, traffic sources (referrer). We have built and are constantly updating a database of systems that are used to automatically "punch" traffic. When the system is in our database, the traffic resulting from it is not counted or specially marked for the advertiser.

6. I'm looking for an offer with guaranteed traffic, and the publisher does not have one. Can it be acquired?

Our dedicated publisher sourcing and service department systematically negotiates prices and expands the base with new portals. If you want an additional offer from a specific publisher, please contact us by e-mail at

7. Does the feature work with all language versions?

Yes, offers with guaranteed traffic can be added by all publishers, regardless of the language of the portal.

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