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Additionally, reports from all conferences and trainings will be posted here, which as WhitePress we participate in or we have the pleasure to be a media patron.


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How to split the publications basket
Splitting the basket - a new feature for advertisers

This seemingly small change is going to be a great convenience for advertisers. Starting today, in the WhitePress® advertisers’ panel, you can split the publications’ basket and order only selected articles. Find the most interesting offers, add them to your basket, and pay for them when it suits you best.

sponsored articles for Christmas
Publication of articles during the Christmas period

The holidays are getting closer and closer, which means we're in for some time off and rest. Of course, this also applies to our publishers. That's why we have a tip for our dear marketers who are planning their publications for the Christmas period: don't wait too long with your orders and better place them now to have peace of mind and more certainty that your marketing campaigns will be finished on time.

WhitePress Becomes a Partner of Lviv Media Forum

WhitePress becomes a partner of Lviv Media Forum in order to systematically support the development of the Ukrainian media market together with the event organizers. Since the forum is the largest media conference in Central and Eastern Europe, and WhitePress platform is a leader in this region, the decision on cooperation was taken promptly.

Select offers with guaranteed traffic - how does it work? (Q&A for advertisers)

A new feature has just appeared on the platform that publishers and advertisers will benefit from. These are offers with guaranteed traffic, which, apart from the valuable publication on prestigious websites, will also ensure reaching the appropriate target group of recipients. Why is it worth choosing such offers and where to find them? We answer the advertisers' most frequent questions.

WhitePress joins RTB House
WhitePress joins RTB House! We think and act globally

RTB House, a MarTech innovations company, has acquired 100% of the shares of WhitePress, a leading content marketing platform that already enjoys great popularity on the domestic market. The move is set to accelerate the already-ambitious foreign expansion plans of WhitePress as RTB House puts its experience and support behind the platform.

Filter websites by country

From now on, websites can be filtered not only by language but also by country. For example, websites in English may also be filtered by country of origin (e.g. United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, etc.).

WhitePress requirements for publishers
Publisher requirements - August 2020

Using the WhitePress platform, you can publish content on over 15,000 various websites. These are portals from Poland, Bulgaria, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Russia, and less popular niche blogs. In order to improve the quality of our offer, we have amended the quality guidelines for websites since august 2020. In this article, we describe the factors causing rejection of portals or marking them as lower quality. We have also summarized the recent qualitative changes and explained the verification process since august 2020.

How to earn more with WhitePress® - 11 tips for publishers

We asked the platform customers about what they expect from publishers and what makes the portal's offer attractive to them. Based on their answers, we collected valuable tips in 11 key points. Information about the number of users and SEO parameters is very important, but it turns out that some customers are also looking for custom offers or pay attention to the speed of publication.

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